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Unlocked on 29.04.19 07:14
Banning voice mails?

When Frozengerbil published an epic comic strip on her Instagram about the usage of smartphones, Shin pragmatically said: "Well, if Dragan had a smartphone, he would also carry it in front of him and speak very loudly into the microphone just to annoy everyone around him. "

I had to laugh. Right - that's absolutely Dragan style. So at the end I simply had to draw this picture. Why?

1.) It had been haunting my thoughts for weeks.
2.) Because "The PARTY KV Rosenheim" has recently declare itself in favour of banning voice mail.
3.) Because I love Dragan.
4.) Because Dragan is just awesome. That's why I love him so much.

Who is Dragan? Oh, just one of the most influential Mani on Altatran and fact is: he would be a pain in the neck to every single person around him if he felt like it. Just because.


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